Thursday, March 10, 2011

Weekend is here soon!

Hello followers,

Great to see that my blog has reached couple of readers and people have written good feedback and comments for me after such a short timeline, I'm very pleased for that! I hope you keep it coming and enjoying stuff I writing! :)

Such a great day this far, woke up like 11 am and started to make plans for Thursday. I made my one hour length daily sweaty workout by yoga immediately after wake up and went to shower after that. I felt like I was in seventh heaven after morning routines and I were ready to step up and go to sort up some business and possible job things. It went well and now I'm going to just wait calls from places. Also noticed that overnight here was little bit frost and all melted snow on footpaths was frozen again. That kind of sucked ass, walking was difficult or maybe I can just compare it to skating, lol. But anyhow, I was careful and trip went great without any slipping and hurting myself. That also got me hoping more summer time, couple months we have to wait and IT'S ON!

I came home and started to paving the way for new blog entry and here I'm now, sitting at the comp and reading different blogs from another users and drinking some tea. Haven't planned anything big for this weekend cause I have birthday after couple weeks so I'm gonna probably just chill and save my liver to that weekend, it's gonna be great! We planned to go play some football outside with my bros first time on this spring, before that we played inside because of snow and frost. Hope everyone is fit so we get good games!

I think I'm gonna take some nap soon that I be able to play some Football Manager 2011 @ online later with my buddies and continuing our seasons.

That was all this time, take care and enjoy the day!

Here's such a great song by Jason Mraz what would make you feel jamming as hell, haters gonna hate and lovers gonna love, ENJOY! :)

I'll be back.

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- HippyOrNot


  1. Glad that you are having a good day :)

  2. Last Football Manager I've played was 2006.. then realised it was almost as addicting as an MMO so I stopped :L

  3. I like that song and glad to hear about your day +followed

  4. Sweet song! and i'm glad you had such a great day :)

  5. Awesome dude :DD

  6. Awesome song! Cheered me up :) have a nice day pal! Im following u

  7. lol i just took a nap too though i should be sleeping already. oh well, i won't be sleeping tonight!

  8. awesome song. helps to w8 for the weekend :D

  9. Thanks for your comment.
    Your blog seems new, but I still good. I will follow.

    By the way, are you also going to blog about fashion or? :)

  10. I'm new to this Blogger thing, How do I go about adding Youtube videos to my blog?