Saturday, March 12, 2011

OMG, my blog got new overlay!

Wow, I just found a great site from user named "aphoticdark" and his page called ImpurityShock.
Before that I thought my blogs overlay is kind of bored so I found perfect and just appropriate template model for my blog, this is just great!

Although, I think it maybe little too bright and colorful and comment boxes are not that clear. But maybe after couple days of testing and getting using it. What you guys think of this? Change or not to change? :)

- HippyOrNot

Friday, March 11, 2011

Natural disaster in Japan

Oh my godness!

Again, power of nature appeared today in Japan and around of Pacific Ocean. It's very sad to read about this kind of news from start of the day, and can't do nothing but hope that it's not getting worse and there's not much of victims by tsunami. I watched live-feed from BBC early and that view was like straight from movie, mass of water moving cars, ships, houses, fires through the rice fields, people screaming helps and explosions. Hope those nuclear reactors not gonna be destroyed, otherwise it's going to be messy and sad.

I remember clearly december 2004 earthquake and tsunami in Indian Ocean. I was in hospital after christmas holidays because of leg surgery and I opened TV and read about it. I remembered that couple of familiar people of mine were in Thailand, Phuket (popular holiday resort where finnish people use to visit) with their families and just couple of miles away from the beach. I tried to send texts all day long without answering or info about them, it was very stressful and shocking situation. Week after I got texts from them and they all was luckily to be survived and were heading back to home, they were acted quickly after noticing differences in peoples acts and escaped tsunami to the nearest hills. After holidays our spring semester was about the start and I heard in school from my classmates that couple of their familiarities wasn't that lucky and one of their friend lost her entire family there. Can't even imagine how horrifying situation it were and I hope none of you guys have not friends or family now there in tsunami alerted areas. :/

Now we just have to try continue our lifes and just hope everything's going to be well there and that it would not to hit those numerous of islands, countries and coast towns and number of victims doesn't go up that much.

If you are interested to follow how's situation goes on, you can watch a live-feed and video here in BBC.

Okay so it's friday now and I have nothing planned to do, some part of me like to go bar and get super wasted but I still probably wait couple of weeks. I have to figure out something chill and nice, part of me wants to get maybe couple of beers, music, sauna, something great food and some How I met your mother or Californication late night marathon. So pretty much quality time with myself. Hmm, I'll think about it! I don't want to go jog today, last night was snowy and rainy here in my location so there's wet all over and if I do that, I'll probably get just sick and it will ruin my week.

I would like to thank you guys for adding feedbacks, comments and following my blog between these couple days, I preciate it very much and I'm doing my best to give you great reading experiences! I'm gonna read and follow your blogs too!!!

But, i'll think that's it again at this time. See ya later and have a great friday night, whatever you're doing!

P.S. - What's your plans gonna be for weekend, followers? :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Weekend is here soon!

Hello followers,

Great to see that my blog has reached couple of readers and people have written good feedback and comments for me after such a short timeline, I'm very pleased for that! I hope you keep it coming and enjoying stuff I writing! :)

Such a great day this far, woke up like 11 am and started to make plans for Thursday. I made my one hour length daily sweaty workout by yoga immediately after wake up and went to shower after that. I felt like I was in seventh heaven after morning routines and I were ready to step up and go to sort up some business and possible job things. It went well and now I'm going to just wait calls from places. Also noticed that overnight here was little bit frost and all melted snow on footpaths was frozen again. That kind of sucked ass, walking was difficult or maybe I can just compare it to skating, lol. But anyhow, I was careful and trip went great without any slipping and hurting myself. That also got me hoping more summer time, couple months we have to wait and IT'S ON!

I came home and started to paving the way for new blog entry and here I'm now, sitting at the comp and reading different blogs from another users and drinking some tea. Haven't planned anything big for this weekend cause I have birthday after couple weeks so I'm gonna probably just chill and save my liver to that weekend, it's gonna be great! We planned to go play some football outside with my bros first time on this spring, before that we played inside because of snow and frost. Hope everyone is fit so we get good games!

I think I'm gonna take some nap soon that I be able to play some Football Manager 2011 @ online later with my buddies and continuing our seasons.

That was all this time, take care and enjoy the day!

Here's such a great song by Jason Mraz what would make you feel jamming as hell, haters gonna hate and lovers gonna love, ENJOY! :)

I'll be back.

P.S. - You can also follow me @ Twitter page and get newest updates there just couple seconds after posting, see you there!

- HippyOrNot

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Introducing myself

Sup' everybody!

I am HippyOrNot, 20 year old casual kind of dude from Finland. After couple days of thinking and visioning, I just decided to publish my blog writings here in Blogger! I've always liked writing and sharing my thoughts via wide, bottomless and exciting world of Internet but never been sure how to get much of joy and wide readership from it. Main reasons for starting blogging was that I want different kind of people to see how different kind of human being could get much of pleasure, happiness and joy out of life without looking at careers, amount of money or materialism, relationship statuses, religions, political views or color of your skin. This is about me and me writing everything kind of things (read: shit) between the heaven and earth. :)

I don't actually have specific head topics to write about to this blog, but it will contain everything (at least that long that nobody recognize me and I can do it anonymously) like daily/weekly/monthly life, hobbies, spring changing to summer here in my country, maybe about food & wine, song of the day, thoughts of the day, how wasted I were yesterday and when I woke up in my bathroom floor after crazy messed-up alcohol-filled dude's night out event. Everything. Nothing specific. So it's kind of lifestyle blog if I summarize it to some kind of genre. I think that this site is full of these blogs, but none of these blogs aren't actually same because obviously people have different kind of ways to live life and writing style about the stuff.

But yeah, let's write something about myself like who am I, where I'm from, what I do and what really are my reasons to blogging (sometimes there is reason behind "main reason", lol.)

So yeah, I'm 20-year old guy from Southwest Finland. My hobbies include many kind of stuff, because at this moment  I have plenty much of free time in life cause I've been unemployed since december 2010 after I quit my job in building site. Couple years before that I graduated from restaurant school. It took me almost three years to realize that this kind of job is not for me and I'm still on that road and thinking what's my next move on job career. Sometimes is just frustrating to see that things are not going through the next level but mostly of time I enjoying my way to live with easy, simple and little things and without billions of euros/dollars which I propably would spent for silly, expensive and useless stuff which wouldn't actually make my life that better except momentary.

I'd like to do sports 3-5 times per week, like football/soccer with my friends, yoga, occasional jogging/walking and using gym. Otherwise I'm hanging with friends, playing pool with them, listening music, watching TV-series and movies and doing stuff with computer. I'd like to learn to play guitar and that's my next little objective to reach. I like different kind of music and I don't actually have much of favorite artists, I just like to listen everything that makes me feel better, happy and what agree on the current situation. :)

But yeah, I think that was all about introducing myself. There is couple of lines to read and I hope you'll like it and you'll follow my adventures from this day on and stay tuned up! Remember to comment and give me feedback. No trolling please! :)


- HippyOrNot