Friday, April 1, 2011

Hi guys!

Hello everybody, I just noticed that I haven't wrote anything to my blog lately but now it's time to tell you guys how I'm rolling nowadays! I'm really sorry for all you guys who are reading and following my blog. I had much of work to do and things to take care, things that will maybe carry on to the future, my future. Things that make me feel better and things that I'll hope to feel everyone better!

Where to begin? Okay, my birthday were last weekend and it was so awesome! We gathered to my place with couple of my closest friends and having so much fun, it was really nice to see my friends after couple months because some of my friends are accomplishing their "military responsible = army, here in Finland" and haven't seen those guys after long time. I also saw my old teammate from football after 8 years and it was great to change some news about our lives, interest and stuff. It was great night afterall and we have so much fun!!

Between waiting my birthday and after my birthday I have been middle of intensive workout that I could achieve my target to be in great shape on summer. I've doing sports four and five times in week and it has gave me so much euphoria, I'm feeling great physically and mentally. Much better than couple years ago when I was depressed, embarrased, sturdy and without contents of life and happiness. My mind is clear and working great and my body feels great and awaits for new challenges. My workout routines will continue day after day, cause I'm in fu**ing ZONE right now. :)

I also had discuss session with my career planner last week when we tried to profile myself to work with profiling my history and preferences about future. She arranged job interview for me. I were in interview couple days ago, I was interest to do something that includes sports and "well-feeling" (welfare) and maybe something that I could do to affect people healthy and well-feeling. After 10 minutes chit-chatting with interviewer he said that place is yours and you can start in two weeks! So great, now I don't have to be home around a clock and twiddle my thumbs with lack of money and inaction. I'm really waiting to make my debute there, maybe it would be part of my "lifetime" and opens many doors for me. :)

I also started to play guitar with new kick-ass E-book what I purchased couple weeks ago. I had my acoustic guitar standing in my rooms corner maybe 3 years and I have played it maybe four times, LOL! But now, I'm gonna do it and maybe we can arrange some jamming sessions with my friends next summer if not this summer. I'm gonna practice every day if I don't have anything reasonable to do and maybe charming all of those girl next doors in my town, haha! :)

But I think it's over and out this time, have to wake up pretty early tomorrow and going to check some clothes and going out with my friends, wheeee! I'll try to keep some kind of regular updating to my blog after this one. I hope you guys keep following and tell your blogging or not-blogging friends about my blog, I would really appreciate that!

Take care all you guys, PEACE! <3

- HippyOrNot